Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Thailand

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Statista Dossier on the status and impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Thailand

Table of contents

    • COVID-19 cases worldwide as of September 12, 2022, by country

    • Number of COVID-19 cases in APAC September 2022, by country

    • COVID-19 cases in Thailand as of September 2022

    • Cumulative number of Thais vaccinated against COVID-19 2022, by number of doses

    • Frequency of COVID-19 testing Thailand 2022

    • Share of vaccinated people against COVID-19 Thailand 2022, by number of doses

    • Cumulative number of COVID-19 vaccinations Thailand 2022, by manufacturer

    • Cumulative number of COVID first dose vaccinated people Thailand 2022, by type

    • Cumulative number of COVID second dose vaccinated people Thailand 2022, by type

    • Cumulative number of COVID third dose vaccinated people Thailand 2022, by type

    • Gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate in Thailand 2027

    • Growth of MPI Thailand Q3 2019-Q1 2022

    • Growth rate of employment Thailand Q4 2021, by industry

    • Value of tourism GDP Thailand 2017-2020

    • Value of revenue generated from foreign visitors Thailand Q1 2020-Q1 2022

    • Hotel operations post COVID-19 pandemic Thailand 2021-2022

    • Calculated impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on SMEs Thailand 2021, by sector

    • Impact of COVID-19 on SMEs in Thailand 2021

    • Type of education support during COVID-19 Thailand 2022

    • Online education effects among Thai students during COVID-19 2022

    • Online spending on FMCG goods during and after COVID-19 Thailand 2021

    • Likelihood to go offline shopping post COVID-19 restrictions Thailand 2021

    • Popular payment method distribution Thailand 2021

    • Share of employee working locations Thailand 2022

    • Share of people with government aid during COVID-19 Thailand 2022

    • Satisfaction with government's actions against COVID-19 Thailand 2022

    • Suggestions on government help during COVID-19 Thailand 2022

    • Effective government policies for SMEs during the COVID-19 Thailand 2021

    • State of government support for farming communities COVID-19 impact Thailand 2021

    • Way of life changes among Thai people during COVID-19 2022

    • Factors affecting ways of life during COVID-19 Thailand 2022

    • Level of concerns during COVID-19 pandemic Thailand 2022

    • COVID-19's major causes of spread Thailand 2022

    • Financial adaptations during COVID-19 Thailand 2022

    • Economic impacts during COVID-19 Thailand 2022

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