State of the oceans

A Statista DossierPlus on the impact of climate change on the resilience and sustainability of the world's oceans


An overview of the worlds oceans

  • Fisheries
  • Sea trade
  • Ocean energy

The impact of climate change
  • Ocean warming
  • Sea-level rise
  • Ocean acidification
  • Marine biodiversity

Pollution and habitat degradation
  • Marine/coastal environment degradation
  • Oil spills
  • Plastic pollution
  • International coastal ocean clean-up

Sustainability Development Goals (SDG)​
  • Status quo
  • SDG 14 goals
  • SDG 14 investments

Conservation and protection of marine environments​
  • Coastal protection measures
  • Ocean clean-up
  • Protected areas
  • Legislative measures - NDC
  • Nature-based solutions

  • Language: English
  • Released: November 2022
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