Teenagers in the U.S.: Juvenile Delinquency

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Statista Dossier on Teenagers in the United States: Juvenile Delinquency

Table of contents

    • Age distribution in the United States 2020

    • Population of the United States by sex and age 2020

    • Teenage unemployment rate - adjusted monthly number in the U.S. April 2022

    • Major threats to their generation according to American teenagers 2021

    • U.S. students who did not go to school due to feeling unsafe 2019

    • Public schools in the U.S. - share reporting incidents of crime 2018

    • Rate of nonfatal crimes against students at schools U.S. 2020, by age and type

    • Schools in the U.S.: victims of threats/injuries by weapons, by ethnicity 2019

    • U.S. school crime: student victims of injuries with weapons, by gender 2017

    • U.S. students who were injured with a weapon at school 2019

    • School-associated violent deaths U.S. 1992-2018

    • Homicides of youth ages 5-18 years in U.S. schools 1992-2018

    • U.S. schools - security measures 2001-2019

    • Gang problems at U.S. schools by school type 2019

    • U.S. high school students who were bullied at school in 2019, by gender and ethnicity

    • U.S. states with the highest cyber bullying rate 2018-2019

    • U.S. states with the lowest cyber bullying rate 2018-2019

    • U.S. high school cyber bullying rate 2018-2019, by ethnicity

    • U.S. students who currently consume alcohol in 2019

    • U.S. students who used marijuana, by gender and ethnicity

    • U.S. students who have used cocaine at least once 2019

    • Number of U.S. drug overdose deaths 2013-2020, by age

    • U.S. drug overdose deaths among those aged 15 to 24 years from 1999 to 2020

    • Prevalence rate of violent crime, by age U.S. 2005-2019

    • Number of violent crime victims, by age U.S. 2005-2019

    • U.S. - number of serious violent crimes by youth 1980-2018

    • U.S. - share of serious violent crimes involving youth 1980-2018

    • U.S. students who experienced physical dating violence 2019, by gender and ethnicity

    • Murder in the U.S.: number of offenders 2020, by age

    • Murder in the U.S. - number of victims 2020, by age

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