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Statista dossier on social gaming worldwide

This dossier presents insights and statistics on social gaming. It provides information on global revenue, mobile social gaming potential, monetization metrics as well as usage data. The paper also highlights the trend of social casino gaming.

Table of contents

  • 1. Global overview
    • Games market revenue share worldwide 2020, by segment

    • F2P games industry revenue in North America 2019, by category

    • Value of the online social games market in the U.S. 2010-2020, by type

    • Social casino revenues worldwide 2018, by region

    • Social poker revenue worldwide 2013-2017, by device

    • U.S. social gaming advertising revenue share 2015-2018

  • 2. Regional overview
    • F2P games market revenue in North America 2018-2020, by category

    • F2P games industry revenue in North America 2019, by category

    • Digital games industry revenue in Canada 2016, by category

    • Social games revenue in Asia 2014-2017

    • Number of social games MAU in Asia 2014-2017

    • Social casino market size in Asia 2012-2015

    • Distribution of digital gaming revenue in Latin America 2014-2015, by segment

    • Social casino market size in Latin America 2012-2015

    • Brazil: top smartphone game genres 2019

    • South Africa online social games market value 2014-2023, by type

    • Nigeria online social games market value 2014-2023

    • Kenya online social games market value 2014-2023

  • 3. Social casino market
    • Social casino revenue worldwide 2016-2020, by platform

    • Global market share of top social casino publishers 2018

    • Top grossing casino games worldwide 2021

    • Mobile social casino game publisher revenue share worldwide Q4 2017, by OS

    • Social casino game publishers iOS revenue worldwide 2021

    • Social casino game publishers Android revenue worldwide 2021

    • Worldwide online casino M&A deals value 2010-2015

  • 4. Market leaders
    • King annual net income 2010-2015

    • King quarterly MAU as of Q1 2021

    • Zynga annual net income/loss 2008-2020

    • Zynga mobile games monthly active users as of Q4 2020

    • Annual mobile revenue of Big Fish Games 2015-2021

    • Sony game and network services: net sales & operating income FY 2012-2020

    • Aristocrat revenue share fiscal 2015-2020, by segment

    • Scientific Games Corp. revenue 2014-2020, by segment

    • International Game Technology revenue 2015-2019, by segment

    • Tencent's annual online games revenue 2010-2020

  • 5. Users & behavior
    • Facebook: most popular game MAU 2020

    • Facebook most popular game DAU 2019

    • Leading gaming brands on Facebook 2019, by fans

    • U.S. leading types of games played by social casino gamers in 2017

    • Distribution of U.S. social casino gamers as of August 2016, by age and gender

    • Monthly consumer spending on social casino games in the U.S. 2017, by type

    • Top grossing puzzle games worldwide 2021

    • Monthly active users of selected console games 2020

    • Social casino paying gamer share in the U.S. 2015, by age and gender

    • Average weekly time spent with social casino in the U.S. 2015

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