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Statista dossier about big data

Table of contents

    • Big data analytics market size worldwide in 2019 and 2025

    • Big data and analytics software market worldwide 2011-2019

    • Global BI & analytics software market size 2019-2025

    • Amount of data created, consumed, and stored 2010-2020, with forecasts to 2025

    • Ratio of unique and replicated data in the global datasphere 2020 and 2024

    • Number of IoT connected devices worldwide 2019-2030, by vertical

    • Advanced and predictive analytics software market worldwide 2013-2019

    • Analytic data integration and intelligencesoftware market revenue worldwide 2013-2019

    • Global analytics as a service (AaaS) market size forecast 2021-2027

    • Global market revenue of edge analytics software in 2020 and 2025

    • Artificial Intelligence market size worldwide 2020-2023

    • Global marketing data market size 2017-2021

    • Spending on cloud and data centers 2009-2021, by segment

    • Important cloud support capabilities of cloud providers worldwide 2020, by category

    • Worldwide enterprise cloud strategy 2017-2022

    • Cloud business intelligence importance assessment worldwide 2012-2021

    • Cloud business intelligence provider preferences worldwide 2021

    • Global colocation data center market revenue 2021-2028

    • Number of data centers worldwide 2022, by country

    • Global figure of hyperscale data centers 2015-2021

    • Share of hyperscale data center locations quarterly worldwide 2017-2020, by country

    • Total installed base of data storage capacity in global datasphere 2020-2025

    • Global market share of big data and analytics software vendors 2014-2019

    • Advanced and predictive analytics software market worldwide by vendor 2013-2019

    • Global market share of advanced and predictive analytics software vendors 2014-2019

    • Analytic data integration software market revenue worldwide 2014-2019, by vendor

    • Analytic data integration software market share worldwide 2015-2019, by vendor

    • Tech helping organizations accomplish business goals worldwide 2021, by technology

    • Industry 4.0 technologies to have greatest impact on organizations worldwide 2020

    • Global data and analytics leaders involved in digital transformation initiatives 2020

    • State of big data/AI adoption among firms worldwide 2019-2022

    • Data-driven decision-making in global organizations 2020, by country

    • Data-driven decision-making in global organizations 2020, by sector

    • Frequently leveraged external data sources for global enterprises 2020

    • Data monetization and quantification in global enterprises 2020, by sector

    • Data sustainability as main consideration in global organizations 2020, by country

    • Global planned spending change on smart analytics 2021

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