Transportation volume in China

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Statista Dossier on cargo and passenger traffic volume in China

Table of contents

    • Number of passengers on public road transport in China 2008-2021

    • Public road passenger turnover in China 2008-2021

    • Average transport distance of highway passengers in China 2009-2020

    • Daily traffic volume on national roads in China 2008-2021

    • Cargo volume in road freight traffic in China 2008-2021

    • Volume of road freight traffic in China 2008-2021

    • Number of train passengers in China 2009-2021

    • Passenger turnover by railway in China 2009-2021

    • Transport distance of railway passengers in China 2009-2020

    • Rail cargo volume in China 2009-2021

    • Rail freight turnover in China 2009-2021

    • Average transport distance of railway freight in China 2009-2020

    • Number of air passengers in China 2010-2021

    • China's civil aviation industry: passenger turnover 2008-2021

    • Air cargo volume in China 2008-2021

    • Volume of air freight turnover in China 2008-2021

    • Leading airports in China by cargo throughput 2021

    • Leading airports in China 2021, by passenger throughput

    • Waterway passenger transport volume in China 2008-2021

    • Passenger turnover by waterways in China 2008-2021

    • Waterway cargo volume in China 2008-2021

    • Cargo turnover by waterway in China 2008-2021

    • Container handling at ports in China 2008-2021

    • China: cargo throughput of ports 2008-2021, by port type

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