Quality of environment in China

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Statista Dossier on the environmental quality in China

Table of contents

  • 1. General overview
    • Share of economic damage caused by natural disasters by continent 2019

    • Most natural disasters by country 2019

    • Annual average temperature and change in China 2018-2019

    • Cases of environmental pollution in China 2019, by region

    • Direct economic loss due to natural disasters in China 2019, by region

  • 2. Air
    • Amount of pollutants emitted by vehicles in China 2019, by type

    • CO2 emissions in China 2001-2019

    • Average quality of air in China 2019, by air pollutants

    • Atmospheric environment in China: sulphur dioxide emissions 2007-2017

  • 3. Water
    • Water in China: freshwater resources 2009-2019

    • Distribution of surface water in China February 2021, by water quality

    • Ground water quality in China 2019, by level

    • River water quality in China 2018-2019, by level

    • Major lake water quality in China 2019, by level

  • 4. Urban environment
    • Climate in China: annual average sunshine hours in major cities 2018

    • Share of cities affected by acid rain China 2014-2018, by frequency

    • Amount of disposed waste in China 1990-2019

    • Average air quality of China 2019, by quality of air

    • Urban population with access to tap water in China 1990-2019

  • 5. Citizens' perspectives
    • Most concerning environmental issues in China 2019-2020

    • Respondents' views on major natural disaster impacting people in China 2020

    • Consumers' changing habits due to global warming in China 2019

    • Willingness to take action on climate change in China 2020

    • Consumer behavior changes made due to global warming China 2019

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