Magazines in Germany

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Statista Dossier about magazines in Germany

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Total magazine market revenue in Germany 2003-2024

    • Magazine market sales revenue in Germany 2015-2024

    • Consumer magazines published in Germany 1997-2020

    • Best selling consumer magazines in Germany 2019

    • Visits of news portals in Germany August 2021

  • 2. Reach, circulation and consumer behavior
    • Magazines ranked by reach in Germany 2021

    • Circulation of consumer magazines in Germany 1996-2020

    • Magazines ranked by circulation in Germany Q2 2021

    • Magazines with the highest circulation increase in Germany Q2 2021

    • Frequency of reading magazines during leisure time in Germany 2016-2020

    • Willingness to spend on magazines and newspapers in Germany 2017-2021

    • Attitude towards reading and reading habits in Germany 2018-2020

  • 3. Magazine advertising
    • Net advertising revenue of consumer magazines in Germany 2004-2020

    • Magazines with the highest advertisement revenues in Germany 2020

    • Magazines with the most advertising pages in Germany 2020

    • Industries with the highest advertising spending in magazines in Germany 2019-2020

    • Magazine advertising revenue in Germany 2015-2024

  • 4. Focus, Stern, Spiegel
    • Sales volume of Spiegel, Stern and Focus in Germany 2019-2021

    • Reach of the news magazine Focus in Germany 2004-2020

    • Reach of the news magazine stern in Germany 2004-2020

    • Reach of the news magazine Der Spiegel in Germany 2004-2020

    • Advertising pages in Focus, Spiegel and Stern in Germany 2020

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