Online privacy in the United Kingdom (UK)

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Statista Dossier about online privacy, privacy concerns, and consumer attitudes in the UK

Table of contents

    • Budget of the European data protection authorities (DPAs) 2020, by country

    • Awareness of the right to access personal data at private companies in Europe 2019

    • EU internet users who read the terms and conditions online 2019, by country

    • Largest fines issued for violations of GDPR as of 2022

    • Europe: cases of non-compliance to GDPR 2019, by type

    • Awareness about GDPR in Europe 2019, by country

    • GDPR compliance among European small businesses 2019

    • GDPR compliance spending among European small businesses 2019

    • Areas of investments for the GDPR compliance among UK companies 2019

    • Share of websites with consent management platforms (CMP) in the UK 2019

    • Customer data initiatives of marketing organizations in the UK 2020

    • Most popular consent management systems used by marketing firms UK 2020

    • Methods currently used by marketing companies to collect customer data UK 2020

    • Reasons for inaccurate or invalid customer data according to UK marketing firms 2020

    • Sharing personal data: incentives for consumers in the UK 2019

    • Types of personal data consumers would be most willing to sell to companies UK 2020

    • UK consumers not willing to sell their personal data 2020, by age group

    • Share of UK consumers taking action to limit sharing personal data 2019, by age group

    • Consumer distrust of data collection in the UK 2020, by company type

    • Consumer opinions on data use by companies in Ireland and the UK 2019

    • Concerns regarding the protection of personal information in the UK 2021

    • Trust in organizations storing and using personal information in the UK 2017-2020

    • Trust in various organizations to use personal data ethically in the UK 2019, by age

    • Most important rights regarding personal data held by companies in the UK in 2021

    • Consumer understanding of personal data use by companies in the UK, 2021

    • Reasons for low levels of trust in handling of personal data by companies UK 2021

    • Measures that would increase trust in UK companies handling personal data 2021

    • Data which UK citizens do not believe social media companies are collecting in 2020

    • Cumulative downloads of the NHS COVID-19 app in England and Wales 2021

    • Public opinion on contact tracing in relation to privacy in the UK in 2020, by age

    • COVID-19: Change in trust regarding the handling of personal data in the UK 2020

    • Importance of open access to data about COVID-19 in the UK in May 2020

    • Public opinion on government's data strategy in relation to COVID-19 in the UK 2020

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