Local authority and social housing in the UK

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Statista Dossier about the UK social housing market

This dossier presents a range of statistics and facts on social housing and local authority affordable housing in the United Kingdom, including details relating to social housing renters as well as financial performance of housing associations.

Table of contents

  • 1. Social housing key figures in the UK
    • English Housing: Proportion of socially rented households 2000-2018

    • UK Housing: Number of dwellings rented from housing associations in the UK 2003-2014

    • Median weekly rent for private rentals and social rentals UK 2016/2017, by region

    • Housing Benefit: United Kingdom (UK) government spending 2002-2019

    • Public expenditure on housing support in the United Kingdom (UK) 2013-2019

    • Social renters in England 2017/2018, by household type

    • Social renters support for new homes in the area in the UK 2013-2018

    • Social housing sales: right to buy sales of registered providers 2001-2018

    • Main home problems with social housing property in the UK in 2015

  • 2. Housing associations funding and financial standing
    • Social housing associations considering alternative funding in the UK 2011-2015

    • UK Housing: Social housing associations pursuing cost savings 2011-2017

    • UK Housing: Social housing associations budgeting for salary increases 2011-2017

    • UK Housing: Social housing associations expecting reform impact 2013-2017

    • UK Housing: Social housing associations experiencing no problems with lenders 2011-16

    • Social housing: strategic plans by UK associations in 2016

    • UK Housing: full economic recovery expectations timeframe as of 2015

    • Efficiency savings made by social housing associations as of 2017

    • Social housing sector: strategic actions in the UK in 2016

    • Local authority housing assistance budget or revenue changes in England 2016, by area

    • Changes in people seeking local authority housing assistance in England 2018, by area

  • 3. Social housing residents life situation
    • Social housing: employment status of residents in the United Kingdom (UK) 2016

    • Women as social renters: main occupation status in the United Kingdom (UK) 2016-2018

    • Men as social renters: main occupation in the United Kingdom (UK) 2016-2018

    • Social housing renters in paid work in the United Kingdom (UK) 2014-2018, by gender

    • Financial situation of social housing renters in the United Kingdom (UK) 2012-2016

    • Local authority difficulties providing meaningful housing help England 2016, by group

  • 4. Social housing in regions - England
    • Social housing sales: right to buy sales of local authorities 2001-2018

    • Social housing sales of local authorities in England 2001-2018, by scheme

    • Social housing sales of registered providers in England 2001-2018

    • Total social housing sales in England 2001-2018

    • UK Housing: Average weekly rent of social renters in England 2008-2018

    • Social renters average number of years in current home in England 2010-2018

  • 5. Social housing in regions - Scotland
    • Total local authority housing stock in Scotland as of 2015, by city

    • Total housing authorities property stock in Scotland as of 2015, by city

    • Total social housing property re-lets in Scotland as of 2015, by city

    • Main barriers to developing more affordable housing in Scotland as of 2016

    • Adults views on social landlords involvement in housing development in Scotland 2016

  • 6. Social housing in regions - Wales
    • Social housing new lettings and transfers in Wales 2000-2017

    • Social housing lettings excluding transfers by priority of action in Wales 2000-2017

    • All social housing sales in Wales 2001-2018

    • All social housing vacancies in Wales 2016-2017, by availability and vacancy length

    • Total social housing rent arrears in Wales 2008-2017

  • 7. Social housing in regions - Northern Ireland
    • Housing stock per 1,000 population in Northern Ireland 2008-2018

    • Social housing development dwellings started in Northern Ireland 2010-2018

    • Northern Ireland Housing Executive: average weekly rent in Northern Ireland 2002-2018

    • Total number of Northern Ireland Housing Executive tenants in 2002-2018

    • Housing benefit per recipient paid to social tenants in Northern Ireland 2002-2018

    • Households recorded as homeless in Northern Ireland as of 2017-2018, by reason

  • 8. Miscalleanaous: Empty homes
    • Regional share of houses recorded as long-term empty in England in 2017

    • Number of long-term vacant dwellings in England 2006-2018, by district

    • Number of all vacant dwellings in England 2006-2018, by district

    • Number of vacant dwellings in England 2006-2018, by type

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