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Statista dossier on medical marijuana in the United States

This dossier presents facts and figures on medical marijuana in the United States. Cannabis used for medical treatments is a current topic in the United States. It has a great potential for becoming a large market and industry in the near future. This document includes interesting facts about the market, developments, prices, and patients. Since Oregon and Colorado are among the U.S. states where medical marijuana is most established, the last two chapters focus on these states.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • U.S medical marijuana retail sales from 2013 to 2021

    • U.S. recreational and medical marijuana market size 2015-2024

    • U.S. cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals market size 2020-2029 projection

    • U.S. share of revenue-generating marijuana businesses being profitable 2016

    • U.S. number of marijuana businesses in 2016

    • U.S. medical marijuana law effects on teenage marijuana usage by state 1995-2015

    • Fewer annual drug doses in U.S. states with medical marijuana laws 2010-2013

  • 2. Purchasing and expenditures
    • U.S. medical cannabis prices per gram in 2014 by state

    • U.S. cities with cheapest legal dispensary marijuana as of January 2016

    • U.S. price difference between legal and illegal cannabis as of January 2016, by state

    • Monthly expenditure of U.S. medical marijuana users on cannabis products 2016, by age

    • Purchasing preferences of U.S. medical marijuana users 2016

    • U.S. medical marijuana dispensaries open 2015, by state

  • 3. Patients and caregivers
    • U.S. legal medical marijuana patients rate by state 2016

    • U.S. legal medical marijuana patients 2016, by state

    • U.S. registered caregivers with medical marijuana programs 2015, by state

    • Secondary reasons U.S. medical marijuana patients use cannabis 2016

  • 4. Opinions
    • U.S. veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan opinions on medical marijuana 2015

    • U.S. medical marijuana users that recommend cannabis 2016, by gender

    • U.S. medical marijuana patients openness about cannabis use 2016, by gender

    • U.S. public approval of medical marijuana 1995-2015

  • 5. Focus: Colorado
    • Colorado newly applied medical marijuana patients aggregated monthly from 2015-2016

    • Colorado current active medical marijuana patients 2015- 2016 by month

    • Colorado medical and recreational marijuana sales 2014-2016

    • U.S. Colorado state cannabis revenue from taxes, licenses and fees 2016-2017

  • 6. Focus: Oregon
    • Oregon registered medical marijuana patients, caregivers, growers and grow sites 2017

    • Oregon registered medical marijuana patients by condition 2017

    • Oregon registered medical marijuana patients by age 2017

    • THC and CBD content in select medical marijuana strains in Oregon

    • Oregon medical and recreational cannabis prices by strain 2016

    • Oregon medical cannabis concentrate prices 2016

  • Language: English
  • Released: September 2016
  • Source(s): Statista
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