Populism in Europe

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Statista dossier about populism in Europe

Table of contents

    • Populist vote share in European Union (EU) countries in 2018

    • Share of votes for populist parties in the European Elections 2019

    • Center-left and right vote share in the United Kingdom, France and Germany 1950-2017

    • Share of votes for CDU and SPD in German elections 1953-2017

    • Share of vote for major center-right and left parties in France 1962-2017

    • Brexit votes in the United Kingdom by gender 2016

    • German election 2017: gains and losses of parties compared to previous election

    • French presidential election of 2017 results

    • Italy: results of parliamentary elections in 2018

    • Hungarian parliamentary election vote share 2018

    • Russia presidential election vote share in 2018

    • Turkish presidential election results 2018

    • Results of parliamentary election in Poland 2019

    • British perceptions on Donald Trump in 2018, by leave or remain vote

    • Boris Johnson popularity in Great Britain in 2018, by age group

    • Nigel Farage popularity in Great Britain in 2016-2018

    • French opinion on Marine le Pen 2016

    • Opinions on Matteo Salvini's actions as Minister of Interior in 2018

    • Opinions on Geert Wilders in the Netherlands 2017

    • Prevalence of populist sentiments in Great Britain in 2018

    • Prevalence of populist sentiments in France in 2018

    • Prevalence of populist sentiments in Germany in 2018

    • Prevalence of populist sentiments in Spain in 2018

    • Italy: populist sentiments in 2018

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