Families in Italy

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Statista dossier on families in Italy

Table of contents

    • Household structures in Italy 2020

    • Average size of households in Italy 2010-2021

    • Number of families in Italy 2019, by region

    • Number of couples with children in Italy 2012-2020, by number of children

    • Number of single parents in Italy 2011-2020, by number of children

    • Young adults living with their parents in Italy 2020, by age

    • Number of single-person households in Italy 2012-2020

    • Marriage rate in Italy 2002-2020

    • Total number of marriages in Italy 2010-2019

    • Total number of marriages in Italy 2019, by region

    • Number of religious and civil marriages in Italy 2010-2019

    • Impact of coronavirus on marriage rate in Italy 2020, by ritual

    • Number of same-sex civil unions in Italy 2016-2019

    • Same-sex civil unions among men in Italy 2016-2019

    • Share of same-sex civil unions in selected regions in Italy 2019

    • Italian regions with most same-sex civil unions 2019

    • Net family income in Italy 2019, by macro-region

    • Gross household adjusted disposable income per capita in Italy 2006-2020

    • Average household monthly consumption in Italy 2020, by professional status

    • Index of household consumption expenditure in Italy 2020, by region

    • Household expenditure on culture and recreation in Italy 2010-2020

    • Monthly income of pensioners in Italy 2019, by gender

    • Number of families and people living below the poverty line in Italy 2014-2020

    • Families living in absolute poverty in Italy 2016-2020, by members

    • Absolute poverty rate among families in Italy 2012-2020

    • Amount paid for Citizens' and Pensioners' Basic Income in Italy 2020, by macro-region

    • Households receiving the Citizens' Basic Income in Italy 2020, by members

    • Saving rate of households in Italy 2016-2022

    • Unemployment benefits requests growth in Italy 2020, by region

    • Households receiving COVID-19 emergency income in Italy 2021

    • Families who requested COVID-19 baby-sitting bonus in Italy 2020, by age

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