Online Purchase Criteria in the U.S. 2017 report

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Online Purchase Criteria in the U.S. 2017 report Online shopping is becoming ever more popular. 79% of all Americans no longer mind that there is no sales staff available or they miss direct sensory impressions: they shop online. Due to the usage situation, decision-making and products chosen in the process of online shopping differ strongly from classic retail shopping: You either sit comfortably on your couch with your laptop or you use your smartphone when you’re on your way to work: The context usually defines how much time you spend on comparing shops and products, and whether you’re looking for inspiration or efficiency. But also the higher competition among providers in eCommerce has an impact: 57% of online shoppers state that they compare considerably more or at least slightly more shops than when the buy in retail stores.

In this report, we focus on different factors that determine decisions made for or against products and shops in the online-shopping sector.

Topics include
  • Shops visited first when in search of a certain product
  • Attitude towards user accounts
  • Important shop features
  • Time of checking the payment options
  • Preferred payment option when shopping online
  • Payment methods not used
  • Usage of advice or help options in online shops
  • Important characteristics of products ordered online by product category

Key Findings:

  • New shops face great hurdles to become part of users’ relevant set
  • User accounts improve chances to bind customers, but they are hardly relevant for users themselves
  • A search function, user comments and filter options are the most important features of online shops
  • 47% do not pay attention to the payment options before the checkout process
  • Online shoppers prefer the credit card, however, 21 percent do not categorically exclude any payment option
  • Most users do not use advice or help options
  • Payment options become important only during the checkout process
  • Online shoppers pay close attention to the price in all product categories

  • Language: English
  • Released: August 2017
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