eHealth in Chile

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Statista dossier on eHealth in Chile

Table of contents

    • Health spending as share of GDP in Chile 2010-2020

    • Health spending per person in Chile 2010-2020

    • Chile: social health insurance coverage 2010-2019

    • Chile: maturity of GovTech 2020, by dimension

    • Chile: internet subscriptions per 100 inhabitants 2009-2020

    • Latin America: share of startups 2020, by industry

    • Chile: number of startups 2022, by industry

    • Healthtech startups in Chile 2021, by sub-industry

    • Fundraising of health care startups in Chile 2022

    • Fundraising of fitness startups in Chile 2022

    • Chile: telemedicine appointments 2020

    • Chile: telemedicine consultations 2020, by insurer

    • Chile: share of telemedicine consultations 2020, by gender

    • Chile: most demanded telemedicine consultations 2020, by specialization

    • Number of website visits to Mediclic 2020

    • E-commerce as percentage of total retail in Chile 2019-2023

    • Share of B2C online sales in Chile 2020, by category

    • Chile: share of online sales in total OTC pharma retail sales 2017-2024

    • Personal care revenue of the e-commerce market in Chile 2017-2025

    • Personal care penetration rate in Chile 2017-2025

    • Digital fitness & well-being market revenue in Chile 2017-2025

    • Digital fitness & well-being penetration rate in Chile 2017-2025

    • Digital fitness & well-being app users in Chile 2017-2025, by type

    • Digital fitness & well-being market user in Chile 2017-2025

    • Key figures on the Chilean fitness platform Burn to Give 2020

    • Chile: intention of performing online activities due to COVID-19

    • Change in online shopping habits due to COVID-19 in Chile 2020, by category

    • Chile: growth rates of health items' online orders due to COVID-19 2020, by category

    • Chile: growth of entertainment & fitness items online sales due to COVID-19

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