Shopping behavior trends in Germany

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Statista Dossier on shopping behavior trends in Germany

Table of contents

    • Frequency of shopping in shopping centers in Germany 2018-2021

    • Frequency of shopping during spare time in Germany 2017-2021

    • Willingness to drive to shopping centers in Germany 2017-2020, by distance

    • Willingness to drive to outlet stores in Germany 2017-2020, by distance

    • Opinions on luxuries improving life in Germany 2017-2021

    • Spending more than planned while shopping in Germany 2017-2021

    • Consumer preference for bargain offers in Germany 2017-2021

    • Consumer opinion on whether branded products guarantee quality in Germany 2017-2021

    • Opinion on quality justifying higher pricing of branded products in Germany 2017-2021

    • Frequent change of brands when shopping in Germany 2017-2021

    • Revenue from FMCG products in online trade in Germany 2010-2021

    • Revenue from groceries bought online Germany 2014-2021

    • Market share of online trade in food sales Germany 2015-2021

    • Purchasing groceries on the internet or from online shops 2018-2022

    • E-commerce revenue of the leading online shops in the food segment in Germany 2020

    • Online sales revenue share of multichannel retailers in Germany 2013-2021

    • Retail market share of mail-order and online retail in Germany 2000-2020

    • Perceived main advantages of online shopping in Germany 2021

    • Sustainable consumer goods sales revenue in Germany 2020

    • Food retail revenue share of sustainable consumer goods in Germany 2020

    • Importance of local produce for consumers in Germany in 2022

    • Fair trade product sales revenue in Germany 1993-2021

    • Sales volume of fair trade products in Germany 2012-2020, by product group

    • Willingness to pay higher prices for green products in Germany 2017-2021

    • Ecological and organic certification as purchasing criteria in Germany 2017-2021

    • Consumer preference for regional products in Germany 2017-2021

    • Social and ecological responsibility as purchasing criteria in Germany 2017-2021

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