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Statista Dossier on the Russian e-commerce

This dossier provides a broad overview of Russian e-commerce by presenting up to date statistics and trends about online retail and shopping in this region. Figures of online export, customer preferences and major market players; along with the insights on market dynamics over the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in the country are enclosed in this report.

Table of contents

  • 1. Market overview
    • Projected e-commerce market value in Russia 2011-2025

    • Domestic and cross-border e-commerce market volume Russia 2010-2021

    • E-commerce penetration rate in Russia 2016-2020

    • Retail e-commerce ARPU in Russia 2017-2025

    • Value of electronic payment orders in Russia 2013-2019, online and total

  • 2. Online retail
    • Annual online sales value growth in Russia 2016-2023

    • Online export sales distribution in Russia 2017-2020, by category

    • Most popular product categories in Russian online shops in 2020

    • Annual market volume of inbound B2C e-commerce in Russia 2016-2023

    • Sales share in C2C market in Russia in 2020, by product category

    • Online retailers share in Russia 2020, by sales channel

    • Average ticket value of online orders in Russia in 2020

  • 3. Online export
    • Revenue from online exports in Russia 2016-2020

    • Number of foreign online orders in Russia from 2016 to 2020

    • E-commerce exports from Russia in 2018-2020, by country

    • Online exports share in Russia 2020, by product type

    • Leading Russian regions by online export index 2020

    • Russian online exporters export index 2020, by federal district

    • Online exports distribution from Russia 2020, by federal district

    • Major sources of foreign online orders in Russia 2020, by site

  • 4. Customers
    • Online purchases by brand in Russia 2020

    • Online purchases by device in Russia 2020

    • Drivers of online purchases in Russia 2020

    • Shopping enthusiasm among consumers in Russia 2020

    • Attitudes towards online shopping in Russia 2020

    • Types of online shops discovered during self-isolation in Russia 2020

    • Changes in purchasing behavior amid COVID-19 in Russia 2020, by category

  • 5. Companies
    • Russian online retail market value share 2018-2023, by company

    • Leading online stores in Russia 2020, by sales value

    • Leading e-commerce sites in Russia in 2019, by growth rate

    • Leading classified sites by desktop traffic in Russia Q1 2019

    • Leading price comparison sites in Russia Q1 2019, by monthly visitors

    • Annual net profit of Wildberries 2011-2019

    • Quarterly revenue of Youla in Russia in 2019

    • Yandex: annual revenue 2007-2020

  • 6. Impact of COVID-19
    • E-commerce market value in the view of COVID-19 Russia 2020-2024

    • E-commerce market growth in the view of COVID-19 Russia 2020-2024

    • Online food sales growth due to COVID-19 Russia 2019-2020, by retailer

    • FMCG online sales growth due to COVID-19 in Russia 2020, by product

    • FMCG online sales growth due to COVID-19 Russia April 2020, by product

    • Factors influencing e-commerce market growth in Russia 2020-2024

    • Russian exporters on the major problems for export sales amid the pandemic 2020

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