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Statista Dossier about global geography rankings

Table of contents

    • Largest countries in the world

    • World's largest deserts

    • Total global forest area projection

    • Global change in forest area 1990-2015, by region

    • Forest area worldwide 2005-2020, by continent

    • Ten countries with most forest area 2020

    • Deforested area in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil 2004-2020

    • Height of the tallest mountains globally

    • World's longest mountain ranges

    • Height of biggest volcanoes in the world

    • The highest mountains in Asia

    • The highest mountains in North America

    • The ten largest lakes in the world

    • Deepest lakes in the world

    • Great Lakes' retention/replacement time

    • Great Lakes's water surface area

    • African Great Lakes - area 2016

    • World's largest rivers based on drainage area

    • Rivers of the earth

    • Canada's longest rivers based on length

    • Global ocean temperature anomalies 1880-2021

    • Area of oceans globally

    • Volume of global oceans

    • World's longest coastlines

    • Length of longest beaches globally

    • Countries with the largest percentage of coral reef area 2011

    • Global elevation spans by select country

    • Cities with the highest altitudes in the world

    • Lowest human-made and natural points in the world

    • Lowest global temperatures recorded

    • Highest global temperatures recorded

    • Perceived number of hottest years on record, by country 2018

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