Scandinavian financial KPI benchmark

A Statista DossierPlus on financial KPIs of companies listed in northern Europe

Scandinavian financial KPI benchmark This DossierPlus provides a valuable insight into the structure of the Danish, Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian economies. Accounting for Scandinavian percularities, such as the innovative tech-industry or the giant transportation sector, ten different sectors were chosen for this DossierPlus. In total, more than 700 listed Scandinavian companies are examined. The most important operating KPIs, solvency and activity ratios as well as the profitability of the sectors and individual companies are included.

The following service sectors are covered:
  • Commercial services
  • Consumer services
  • Technology services
  • Transportation

Additionally, six manufacturing sectors are analyzed throughout the report:
  • Producer manufacturing
  • Electronic technology
  • Consumer durables
  • Consumer non-durables
  • Energy minerals
  • Process industries

The analysis focuses on these sectors. Deep dives into significant individual companies help understand sector differences and key learnings. As a result of this, the report also reveals the differences between the old economy and more technology-focused businesses.

First, based on the data provided in the financial statements of the companies, revenue, expenses and KPIs reflecting the efficiency of companies, such as revenue per employee, are examined.

Afterward, the balance sheets are analyzed, which reflect the ability of a company to pay its short-term and long-term obligation.

The profitability and its development over the last five years are analyzed as well as the valuation of companies from the different sectors which reveals future earning expecatations.

Finally, the DossierPlus takes a close look at each of the ten sectors, summarizing all significant characteristics and features and comparing them to the overall average.

Despite the depth of information presented in this DossierPlus, the key findings are easily accessible. The report helps with investing decisions, market analysis, and competitor benchmarking.

The analysis reveals how the four countries' efficiency is a result of a complex economic system. While there are strong similarities between the four examined countries, there differ in many aspects, including the size of the economy, leading industries, and average company size. For example, Norway is currently the wealthiest Scandinavian country, but investors see great potential in the Danish technology services and consumer durables sector.

There are, however, trends which overarch the whole Nordic as well. First, although the manufacturing sectors are characterized by efficiency in general, the transportation sector in Scandinavia stands out. Second, the energy minerals sector is currently the most profitable sector, however, the technology services and the commercial services sector have experienced the highest average revenue growth rates in the last five years.

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