Plastic packaging industry worldwide

Plastic packaging industry worldwide
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Statista Dossier on the global plastic packaging industry

Table of contents

    • Global plastic production 1950-2021

    • Plastic material production worldwide by region 2021

    • Global distribution of plastic consumption 2019, by application

    • Projected plastics use worldwide 2019-2060, by region

    • Global plastic packaging market size 2021-2027

    • Revenue of selected plastic packaging companies worldwide 2021

    • Amcor's annual net sales FY 2019-2022, by major product

    • Mondi Group's revenue 2018-2021, by segment

    • Berry Global's annual net sales FY 2019-2021, by segment

    • Volume of plastic packaging used by selected global FMCG companies 2020-2021

    • Packaging market shares worldwide 2019, by material

    • Projected plastic use share worldwide 2060, by application

    • Projected use of plastics for packaging worldwide 2019-2060

    • Projected plastic use for packaging share worldwide 2060, by polymer

    • Volume of plastic packaging used by selected global FMCG companies 2020-2021

    • Virgin and recycled plastic in packaging used by major FMCG companies 2018-2021

    • Global flexible plastic packaging market size forecast 2020-2026

    • Global rigid plastic packaging market size forecast 2021-2030

    • Global rigid plastic packaging market share 2021, by region

    • Plastic film packaging market volume worldwide 2018-2023

    • Plastic film food packaging market size worldwide 2018-2023, by region

    • Pharmaceutical and medical plastic film packaging market size worldwide 2018-2023

    • Global market value of sustainable plastic packaging 2021-2026

    • Global demand for post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins in packaging 2021-2026

    • Global bioplastic production capacity for packaging 2014-2021, by type

    • Global biodegradable plastics consumption shares 2019, by application

    • Share of reusable, recyclable, or compostable plastic packaging by company 2018-2021

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