Tourism industry in Germany

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Statista Dossier about toursim industry in Germany

Table of contents

    • Revenue in the travel industry in Germany 2005-2020

    • German restaurant and hotel industry revenues 2009-2020

    • Hospitality industry revenue by type of business in Germany 2020

    • Tourist arrivals in German travel accommodation in 1992-2021

    • Tourist overnight stays in Germany 1992-2021

    • Total revenue of German tour operators 2004-2021

    • Total revenue of German travel agencies 2002-2021

    • Most popular online tour operators in Germany in 2020

    • Online travel agencies with the best service in Germany 2021

    • Most used modes of transport for reaching a vacation destination Germany 2019-2021

    • Number of passengers in German airports 2001-2021

    • Capacity utilisation of long-distance trains of Deutsche Bahn AG until 2021

    • Passenger kilometers of taxis and rental cars in Germany 2000-2020

    • Cruise passenger numbers from Germany 2004-2021

    • Accommodation revenues in Germany 2010 to 2020

    • Tourist accommodation open in Germany 1992-2021

    • Distribution of hotels in Germany by number of stars 2022

    • Average hotel room price in selected cities in Germany 2019

    • Average hotel RevPAR in selected German cities in 2019

    • Open campsites in Germany 1992-2020

    • Youth hostels in Germany 1991-2020

    • Guest arrivals in Germany by origin and accommodation type 2021

    • Overnight stays in Germany by accommodation type and origin 2021

    • Number of employees in the hospitality industry in Germany 2004-2021

    • Number of tour operator and travel agency employees in Germany 2008-2021

    • Employees at accommodation establishments in Germany 2012-2020

    • Employees at accommodation establishments in Germany 2019-2021

    • Gross annual earnings of travel agency employees in Germany from 2010 to 2021

    • Most popular vacation destinations among Germans 2019-2021

    • Most popular vacation activities among Germans in Germany in 2021

    • Ranking of the most popular types of travel in Germany 2018-2021

    • Short trips in Germany 2018-2021, by type

    • Popular regions for bike travel in Germany 2020

    • Vacations in Germany by type of planning in 2021

    • City trip travelers in Germany 2018-2021

    • Population share in Germany using the internet for vacation research 2001-2021

    • Vacation trips in Germany in 2021/2022, by type of booking

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