eCommerce in Hungary 2019 Country Report

eCommerce in Hungary 2019 The Hungarian B2C eCommerce market accounted for US$7 billion in 2018. In this year, its top 5 online stores in Hungary accounted for 18% of the total Hungarian eCommerce market. Not surprisingly, heads the list of the online stores by net sales in Hungary in 2018. Other large and prominent players on the Hungarian market are e.g.,, and This report provides a comprehensive overview of the eCommerce market including consumer insights, market trends and top store analyses.

What’s included:

  • Hungarian online shopper analysis
  • The Hungarian eCommerce market and trend analysis
  • Competitive landscape in Hungary with a detailed top store analysis

For the first time, publishes the country report “eCommerce in Hungary 2019” that provides a comprehensive overview of the Hungarian eCommerce market. It can be relevant for understanding your (potential) customers, strategic business development, e.g., when assessing potential target markets, or for benchmarking your store against the market, its leaders, or fast-growing competitors.

It depicts significant and comprehensive data about:

  • online shoppers, providing detailed insights about their shopping interests, attitudes, and shopping patterns
  • the Hungarian eCommerce market, including revenue developments and forecasts, insights into market concentration and sales channels, and extensive KPI analyses, such as e.g. payments, shipping, and shop software
  • the competitive landscape in the Hungarian eCommerce market with key facts about the top players by Hungarian net sales in 2018, profound category analyses, and a full list of the Hungarian top 100 stores

Our research has resulted in about 50 slides on the Hungarian eCommerce market.

The analysis in this report is based on exclusive data from, the Statista Digital Market Outlook, and the 2019 Statista Global Consumer Survey. gives insights into more than 20,000 online stores in 50 countries, including detailed revenue analytics, competitor analyses, market development, SEA budget, and interesting KPIs.

The Statista Digital Market Outlook presents up-to-date figures on markets of the digital economy and is available for 150 countries.

The Statista Global Consumer Survey gives insights into the minds of more than 700,000 consumers in 55 countries. It is an international survey that covers more than 6,500 brands across 55 different countries.

  • Language: English
  • Released: March 2020
More than 7,500
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