Payments in Sweden

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Statista Dossier on general payment preferences, including cash money and credit cards, in Sweden

Table of contents

    • Cash machine number in Sweden 2000-2020

    • ATMs per 100,000 population in Sweden 2010-2018

    • Value of transactions made at POS terminals in Sweden 2008-2019

    • Card payments at POS terminals in Sweden 2000-2020

    • Relative importance of certain payment services in Sweden 2015-2020

    • Share of cash payments in Sweden 2010-2020

    • Annual level of cash payments in Sweden 2000-2020

    • Frequency of withdrawing cash in Sweden 2020

    • Cash usage in Sweden 2010-2020, by payment size

    • Cash money use in Sweden in 2020, by age group

    • Credit card and debit card number in Sweden 2000-2020

    • Credit cards and debit cards per capita in Sweden 2010-2020

    • Credit card usage in Sweden 2010-2020

    • Value of payment card transactions in Sweden 2013-2019, by type of card

    • Visa, MasterCard market share in Sweden 2018-2020

    • Proximity mobile payments in Sweden 2017-2020, by frequency

    • Contactless payments in Sweden 2017-2020, by frequency

    • Swish use compared to debit cards and cash money in Sweden 2012-2020

    • Leading payment methods for online shopping in Sweden 2020

    • Comparison between Sweden and Europe on e-commerce payment methods 2020

    • Usage of digital payment services in Sweden 2014-2020

    • Awareness of digital payment methods in Sweden 2020

    • Use of cards, cash money and mobile payment apps in Sweden 2012-2020

    • Preferred situations for payment apps usage in Sweden 2020

    • Year-on-year increase in P2P payments with Swish in Sweden 2020, by age

    • Monthly Swish app DAU in Sweden 2019-2020

    • Monthly Swish app downloads in Sweden 2019-2020

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