Research and development (R&D) worldwide

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Statista dossier on research and development worldwide

Table of contents

    • Total global R&D spending 1996-2018

    • Gross domestic R&D spending in G7 countries and China 2000-2019

    • Leading countries by R&D spending worldwide 2022

    • Leading countries by R&D spending as share of GDP globally 2022

    • Share of total R&D spending worldwide by region/country 2017-2020

    • Companies with the highest spending on research and development 2018

    • Percentage of global R&D spending, by industry 2018

    • Distribution of R&D expenditure globally 2020, by end use

    • R&D spending shares by region and industry 2018

    • Most innovative countries by GII score 2021

    • Research intensity by industry in OECD countries 2018

    • Exports of high R&D intensive products by country 2005-2018

    • Exports of medium-high R&D intensive products by country 2005-2018

    • Total global pharmaceutical R&D spending 2012-2026

    • Distribution of pharmaceutical R&D companies by region 2022

    • Top 50 pharmaceutical companies - Rx sales and R&D spending 2021

    • Top global biotech companies - R&D expenditure 2020

    • Distribution of total funding on R&D for selected diseases 2014-2020

    • Allocation of R&D investments in pharmaceutical industry by function 2019

    • Global top pharmaceutical companies based on R&D spending 2026

    • Projected return on biopharma R&D investments U.S. 2010-2019

    • R&D spending share of top pharmaceutical companies 2019 and 2026

    • ICT research and development expenditure in U.S. and worldwide 2015-2019

    • Total R&D spending on information and communications worldwide 2017-2019

    • Technology hardware & equipment companies with the highest spending on R&D 2018

    • Top software and computer services R&D investors worldwide 2020, by company

    • Artificial intelligence software market revenue worldwide 2018-2025

    • Cloud applications market CAGR 2017-2022, by segment

    • Total R&D spending on automotive worldwide 2017-2019

    • Total R&D spending on aerospace and defense worldwide 2017-2019

    • Global R&D spending: key companies in the automotive sector 2020

    • Aerospace and defense companies with the highest spending on R&D 2019

    • R&D intensity of selected automakers worldwide 2020

    • Autonomous car market size worldwide 2021-2026

    • Electric vehicles: auto industry R&D funding by investor type 2023

    • Automotive software market size 2018-2025

    • OECD Countries with the highest government R&D spending on defense 2017

    • Total R&D spending on advanced materials and chemicals worldwide 2017-2019

    • Total R&D spending on energy worldwide 2017-2019

    • Energy and chemicals companies with the highest spending on R&D 2018

    • Capital goods companies with the highest spending on R&D 2018

    • Global R&D investment in clean energy 2019, by sector

    • RPA adoption and investment rates worldwide 2019, by organization size

    • Technologies ranked by importance in 2021, as of 2018

    • Impact of stock market changes on R&D spending worldwide 2018

    • Expected changes to R&D staffing worldwide 2020

    • Expected changes to R&D budgets worldwide by spending category 2020

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