Coronavirus: impact on the aviation industry worldwide

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Statista Dossier on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the aviation industry worldwide

This dossier presents graphs and tables about the economic impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the aviation industry worldwide. The dossier focuses on passenger aviation as well as air cargo and follows up with data on airlines and airports, and gives a public opinion on the outbreak worldwide.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Global air traffic - scheduled passengers 2004-2021

    • Air traffic - worldwide revenue with passengers 2005-2021

    • Air traffic - passenger growth rates forecast 2020-2039

    • COVID-19's impact estimate on passenger revenue of airlines by region 2020

    • Passenger change in the aviation industry by scenarios 2020-2021

    • Job loss in industries associated with air travel due to COVID-19 by region 2020

    • Types of government aid to airlines due to COVID-19 as of September 2020

  • 2. Impact on passenger aviation
    • Weekly flights change of global airlines due to COVID-19 as of January 2021

    • Monthly international revenue-passenger kilometers (RPK) change by region 2020

    • Monthly passenger load factor (PLF) on international flights by region 2020

    • Coronavirus: year-on-year change on seat capacity by quarter & region 2020-2021

    • Coronavirus: TSA checkpoint travel numbers at U.S. airports 2019-2020

  • 3. Impact on air cargo
    • Air cargo traffic - worldwide volume 2004-2021

    • Air cargo traffic - worldwide revenue 2004-2021

    • Increase in top commodities in global air cargo trade April-May 2020

    • Belly and freighter capacities in air cargo worldwide January 2020 - July 2021

    • Aviation industry - monthly freight load factor by region 2020

    • Global aviation industry: FTK change January-December 2020

    • Air freight rate change since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak 2019-2021

  • 4. Impact on airlines and airports
    • Revenue loss of the aviation industry by scenarios 2020-2021

    • Government aid to airlines due to COVID-19 by airline 2020

    • Liquidity and total debt balances of leading U.S. airline groups 2019

    • Coronavirus: quarterly revenue loss of airports by region 2020

    • Coronavirus: passenger traffic change in Europe 2020

  • 5. Public opinion
    • Willingness of travelers to fly in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic 2020

    • Expected flight preferences of people in the aftermath of the coronavirus 2020

    • Factors impacting flight purchase preferences of travelers post-coronavirus 2020

    • Impact of COVID-19 on passengers' willingness to fly by region 2020

    • Concern of air passengers to contract COVID-19 while traveling 2020

    • Catching COVID-19 worry during a shared transportation by type 2020

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