AI chips

AI chips
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Statista dossier about the artificial intelligence (AI) chip market

Table of contents

    • AI market spending worldwide 2020, by segment

    • Artificial intelligence chips market value 2020-2026

    • Venture capital AI and ML semiconductors spending 2017-2021

    • Value of venture capital exits from AI and ML chip companies by type 2018-2021

    • Technology applications driving semiconductor revenue worldwide 2018-2020

    • Semiconductor industry sales worldwide 1987-2022

    • Forecast revenue growth rate global semiconductor industry 1988-2022

    • Semiconductor market size worldwide 2020-2030, by application

    • Semiconductor revenue distribution worldwide 2021, by type

    • Semiconductor memory components global revenue 2006-2022

    • Logic semiconductor revenue worldwide 2009-2022

    • Semiconductor companies market revenue worldwide 2009-2021

    • Integrated circuit (IC) design companies revenue worldwide 2017-2022, by quarter

    • PC GPU shipment share worldwide Q2 2009 - Q1 2022, by vendor

    • DRAM manufacturers revenue share worldwide 2011-2022, by quarter

    • Top funded AI chip startup companies 2021

    • Projected number of autonomous cars globally 2019-2024

    • Global autonomous vehicle processor market size by region 2019

    • Automotive semiconductor manufacturers market share worldwide 2020-2021

    • Projected automotive industry revenue and production loss worldwide 2021

    • AI processors for cloud and data centers market size 2019-2026

    • Smartphone AP vendor revenue share worldwide 2014-2020

    • Tablet application processor (AP) vendor market share worldwide 2021, by quarter

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