Online marketplaces in France

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Statista Dossier on online marketplaces in France

Table of contents

  • 1. Market overview
    • Ranking of e-commerce sites in France during S2 2020, by monthly visits

    • Leading products and services purchased online among French e-buyers 2020

    • Average spending per online purchase in France 2005-2020

    • E-commerce activity on different digital shopping channels in France 2019

    • Average duration of a session on the most visited e-merchants in France S2 2020

    • Most performing e-commerce product categories by amount of shoppers France in 2019

    • Top ten merchant sites, ranked by share of purchases in France in 2019

    • Top three merchant sites for fashion in France in 2019

    • Ranking of the top three merchant sites for cultural products in France in 2019

  • 2. Online marketplaces revenue
    • E-commerce revenue in France 2005-2020

    • E-commerce revenue in France 2017-2025, by segment

    • E-commerce share of retail commerce in France 2014-2020

    • E-commerce websites distribution by annual revenue in France 2015-2020

    • Market share distribution of e-merchants' annual revenues in France in 2020

    • Online activity for marketplaces after the Covid-19 outbreak in France in March 2020

  • 3. Overview of marketplaces
    • Global eBay seller location by country 2020

    • Share of international Etsy sellers 2020, by country

    • Shopping frequency on Amazon in France 2021

    • Share of Amazon's weekly sales share after the Covid-19 outbreak in France 2020

    • Share of e-commerce sales in the Fnac Darty group revenue 2016-2019

    • Number of Amazon marketplace sellers 2019, by country

    • Market share of Cdiscount's marketplace in France 2012-2020

  • 4. Marketplace usage in companies
    • Expert survey on share of companies' sales generated through a market place 2020

    • Expert survey on marketplaces companies sell on 2020

    • Expert survey on satisfaction with fulfillment activities of marketplaces 2020

    • Expert survey on companies selling online through a market place or own website 2020

    • Expert survey on services marketplaces offer to companies 2020

  • 5. E-shoppers
    • Online retail users in France 2017-2025

    • Penetration of online purchasing in France 2019, by socioeconomic condition

    • Penetration rate of online shopping in France 2019, by gender

    • Online purchasing penetration in France 2019, by educational background

    • Share of sales achieved on marketplaces during Black Friday in France 2017-2020

    • French consumer's expectations from e-merchants for shopping online 2020

    • Share of first-time shoppers on e-commerce channels in France 2020, by channel

    • First time or habitual online shopper share since COVID-19 in France 2020, by product

  • 6. Collaborative consumption
    • Number of categories of second-hand products sold on in France 2012-2020

    • Number of second-hand product categories bought on in France 2012-2020

    • Channels used to buy second hand digital equipment in France 2020

    • Market share of the best selling electronic brands on Back Market in France 2020

    • Second hand market share of the best selling brands on Vinted in France 2020

    • Type of goods most sold online by French private individuals 2020

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