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Statista Dossier on the history of plague

This dossier presents a range of statistics relating to plague. The plague virus was one of the most lethal and feared diseases in human history, often decimating populations in a few short months or years. While the most severe outbreaks generally happened before humans understood the science behind the plague and how it spread, researchers continue to investigate the disease and shed new light on how it shaped the world we live in today. The dossier includes data relating to the three major plague pandemics between the sixth and twentieth centuries, including their death tolls and how they impacted society.

Table of contents

  • 1. First Pandemic: Plague of Justinian
    • Deadliest pandemics in history worldwide

    • Estimated death toll of the Plague of Justinian 541-767

    • Estimates of the Plague of Justinian's death toll in Constantinople 541

  • 2. Second Pandemic: The Black Death
    • Historical population of the continents 10,000BCE-2000CE

    • Estimates of the Black Death's death toll in European cities from 1347-1351

    • Jews murdered in pogroms during the Black Death in the 14th century

    • Life expectancy among the male English aristocracy 1200-1745

  • 3. Plague in the sixteenth to nineteenth century
    • Deaths due to bubonic plague in London 1562-1680

    • Share of total deaths due to bubonic plague in London 1603-1680

    • Year of final plague epidemic in select Europe and Mediterranean countries 1650-1844

    • Death toll of select plague epidemics in Europe and North Africa 1665-1838

    • Population loss due to plague in select cities in the Great Northern War 1709-1713

    • Death toll per month in the Moscow plague epidemic of 1771

  • 4. The Third Plague Pandemic until today
    • Annual deaths due to the Third Plague Pandemic in Hong Kong 1894-1902

    • Deaths due to bubonic plague in India 1896-1904

    • Bubonic plague death rate in Bombay (Mumbai) 1896-1897

    • Number of dead rats and human plague cases in Hong Kong 1903

    • Frequency of plague infections among rats in Hong Kong and Kowloon in 1902

    • Bubonic plague annual deaths globally 1907-1953

    • Number of cases of vector-borne disease U.S. 2018, by disease

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