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Statista Dossier on the history of plague

Table of contents

    • Deadliest pandemics in history worldwide

    • Estimated death toll of the Plague of Justinian 541-767

    • Estimates of the Plague of Justinian's death toll in Constantinople 541

    • Estimates of the Black Death's death toll in European cities from 1347-1351

    • Jews murdered in pogroms during the Black Death in the 14th century

    • Life expectancy among the male English aristocracy 1200-1745

    • Historical population of the continents 10,000BCE-2000CE

    • Population size and growth rates in Western Europe 0-1998

    • Population development of China 0-1998

    • Deaths due to bubonic plague in London 1562-1680

    • Share of total deaths due to bubonic plague in London 1603-1680

    • Year of final plague epidemic in select Europe and Mediterranean countries 1650-1844

    • Death toll of select plague epidemics in Europe and North Africa 1665-1838

    • Population loss due to plague in select cities in the Great Northern War 1709-1713

    • Death toll per month in the Moscow plague epidemic of 1771

    • Annual deaths due to the Third Plague Pandemic in Hong Kong 1894-1902

    • Deaths due to bubonic plague in India 1896-1904

    • Bubonic plague death rate in Bombay (Mumbai) 1896-1897

    • Number of dead rats and human plague cases in Hong Kong 1903

    • Frequency of plague infections among rats in Hong Kong and Kowloon in 1902

    • Bubonic plague annual deaths globally 1907-1953

    • Number of cases of vector-borne disease U.S. 2019, by disease

    • Opinions on level of threat of viral diseases in Italy 2020

    • Opinions on level of threat of viral diseases in Great Britain 2020

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