Online fashion in Spain

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Statista dossier on the e-commerce fashion industry in Spain

Table of contents

  • 1. Key figures
    • E-commerce sales revenue by quarter in Spain 2011-2019

    • Quarterly revenues from e-commerce in Spain 2014-2019

    • Quarterly E-commerce transaction volume within Spain 2014-2019

    • Weight of ecommerce in Spain over the total turnover 2014-2019

    • Fashion e-commerce revenue from abroad to Spain 2014-2019

    • Fashion e-commerce revenues from national sales in Spain 2014-2019

    • Fashion e-commerce revenues in Spain 2014-2019

    • E-commerce sectors with highest incomes in Spain 2019

  • 2. Online fashion in Spain
    • Share of fashion items purchased online Spain 2012-2020

    • Number of online fashion purchasers in Spain 2014-2020

    • Fashion e-commerce user in Spain 2017-2025

    • Distribution of online advertising spending by the fashion industry Spain 2018

    • Most popular fashion products in online advertising in Spain in 2018

    • Most searched fashion items by season Spain 2018

    • Most searched clothing brands online by search volume in Spain 2018

  • 3. Consumer behavior
    • Fashion retailers' websites by monthly visits in Spain 2018

    • Online fashion shoppers by gender in Spain 2020

    • Devices to purchase fashion online Spain 2019

    • Most used devices to search for fashion brands online in Spain and the world 2018

    • Online expenditure on fashion per purchase Spain 2020

    • Users who bought online by net monthly income Spain 2020

    • Share of products purchased online from mobile commerce in Spain 2020

    • Online purchase share of products in e-commerce in Spain in 2020, by category

    • Shopping intention on Black Friday in Spain by product 2020

  • 4. Online fashion preferences
    • Motives why consumers shop online more than in stores in Spain 2020

    • Most valued by fashion users in online stores in Spain in 2020

    • Ranking of the most purchased fashion items in Spain in 2020

    • Favorite websites to buy fashion items online in Spain in 2019

    • Drivers to buy fashion online Spain 2019

    • Smartphone site format to purchase fashion Spain 2019

    • Preferred online fashion customer service channels Spain 2019

  • 5. Social media and influencers
    • Most popular social media to promote businesses through influencers Spain 2019

    • Social media platforms used to follow influencers in Spain 2020

    • Frequency of use of 21 Buttons by social network users in Spain in 2020

    • Top ten most followed Spanish brands on Twitter 2021

    • Top ten most followed Spanish brand fan pages on Facebook 2021

    • Most popular Spanish beauty accounts on Instagram 2019

    • Most popular beauty and fashion influencers on Instagram worldwide 2020

    • Instagrammers with the greatest influence in the fashion sector in Spain in 2019

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