How eCommerce is impacted by COVID-19 2020 Trend Report


With this report explores the impact of COVID-19/ the coronavirus on online shopping and eCommerce, offering data on changes in consumer behavior, the impact on revenue forecasts in eCommerce on a global level as well as by category and examples how online stores are affected by COVID-19 and react to it.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis, consumers refrain from spending and are concerned about the economic situation and loss of stability and have shifted from offline to online purchases. Especially in China this shift is most tangible, e.g. 64% of Chinese consumers surveyed shifted the purchase of hygiene products from offline to online due to COVID-19.

While most institutions expect a recession in 2020 and a lot of markets are expected to experience a negative revenue impact as well, eCommerce revenues are expected to increase slightly in 2020 at a global level as of now. The biggest winner in eCommerce is Food & Personal Care, as online sales of groceries and hygiene products are surging.

As a consequence, online stores are currently reviewing their 2020 forecasts published before the COVID-19 crisis. Some players in the eCommerce landscape such as Amazon, Zalando, and Zooplus have already started to adjust their outlooks—in both directions.

This report combines insights from the Statista Market Outlooks, exclusive consumer surveys and other sources to provide a picture of the status quo as of May 2020.

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