Automotive industry in the Philippines

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Statista Dossier on the automotive industry in the Philippines

This dossier presents facts and figures about the automotive industry in the Philippines. It includes the latest statistics about the sales performance and consumption of the industry. Also, you will find in this dossier some key trends like the largest automotive companies, highly sold types of motor vehicles and source countries of imported vehicles.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Value added by motor and motor vehicles sales industry Philippines 2016 by type

    • Investments wholesale and retail trade, repair motor vehicles Philippines 2012-2018

    • Trade repair motor vehicles household services value added GDP Philippines 2009-2018

    • Motorcycle and scooter production within ASEAN 2020, by country

    • Value loans for production universal banks Philippines 2019, by business type

    • Cost difference of CBU vehicles compared to local cars Philippines 2020, by country

  • 2. Key trends
    • Leading automotive companies sold Philippines 2019, by number of units

    • Best-selling car models sold Philippines 2019, by unit sales

    • Leading truck brands the Philippines 2019

    • Leading source of imported vehicles in the Philippines 2019, by country

  • 3. Dealership
    • Sales lead of Auto Deal Ph Q4 2019, by location

    • Sales lead of Auto Deal Ph across Metro Manila Q4 2019, by city

    • Vehicle sales transactions of Auto Deal Ph Q4 2019, by price range

    • Leading auto dealers based on lead to sales conversion Philippines Q4 2019

  • 4. Sales
    • Vehicle sales volume in the Philippines 2012-2017

    • Sales volume two-wheeler Philippines 2013-2019

    • Volume of vehicles sold in the Philippines 2019 by type

    • Passenger car sales volume APAC 2020, by country

    • Commercial vehicle sales volume APAC 2019 by country or region

  • 5. Consumer behavior
    • Value loans household consumption universal banks Philippines 2019, by loan type

    • Premiums written for motor car insurance Philippines 2013-2017

    • New vehicle registrations in the Philippines 2020, by type

    • New car registrations in the Philippines 2009-2020

    • New motorcycle registrations in the Philippines 2009-2020

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