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Statista dossier on digital transformation worldwide

Table of contents

    • Digital transformation spending worldwide 2017-2025

    • Digital competitiveness rankings by country worldwide 2021

    • Changes needed to make business models economically viable by 2023

    • Business metric (spending, costs..) changes in 2020

    • Priorities for IT technology initiatives 2020-2021

    • Global COVID-19 impact on digital transformation tempo 2020

    • Global impact of COVID-19 on digital transformation speed 2020, by industry

    • Companies' expected vs actual time needed to implement changes (COVID impact)

    • Businesses' COVID-19-related changes that will or will not stay

    • Share of customer interactions that are digital, before and during COVID-19 pandemic

    • Share of products and services that are digitized, before and during COVID-19

    • Expected COVID-19 impact on global cloud usage 2020, by organization size

    • Global Future of Work transformation spending 2020-2021

    • Global Future of Work transformation spending forecast 2021, by industry

    • Global workforce number of days per week of potential remote work 2021, by country

    • Global expectations for hybrid workforce location 2019-2022, by category

    • Global employer and employee hybrid work trends post COVID-19 2021

    • Global businesses' investment on information technology to support remote work 2021

    • Global IT spending 2005-2023

    • Global IT spending forecast 2012-2023, by segment

    • IT spending growth forecast by region 2021, adjusted for Covid-19 impact

    • Global additional IT investments for business resilience 2021-2022, by category

    • Global public IT cloud services revenue 2016-2021, by segment

    • Worldwide enterprise public cloud annual spend 2019-2020

    • Artificial Intelligence market size worldwide 2020-2023

    • Robotic process automation software market revenue worldwide 2017-2021

    • Global BI & analytics software market size 2019-2025

    • IoT global revenue 2019-2030, by use case

    • Implementation of emerging technologies in companies worldwide 2020

    • Worldwide enterprise cloud strategy 2017-2022

    • AI adoption in organizations worldwide 2021, by industry and function

    • AI-related capabilities used in standard business processes worldwide 2020

    • State of big data/AI adoption among firms worldwide 2019-2022

    • Global data and analytics leaders involved in digital transformation initiatives 2020

    • Global planned spending change on smart analytics 2021

    • Global technology influencing future innovations in IoT 2020, by key workloads

    • Tech transformations most likely to be pursued by companies in next two years 2020

    • Organizations' level of ambition for planned digital and technology investments 2021

    • Companies' attitude towards technology's strategic importance 2020

    • Companies technology operating models, by top- and bottom-quartile performers 2020

    • Challenges of technology transformations in companies 2020

    • Industry 4.0 technologies to have greatest impact on organizations worldwide 2020

    • Size of the global industrial robotics market 2018-2028

    • Industrial robotics sales value distribution worldwide 2018-2022 by application area

    • Global market size of intelligent industrial edge computing 2018-2025

    • Agricultural IIoT market revenue worldwide 2020-2025

    • Agricultural IIoT market revenue worldwide 2020-2025, by region

    • 3D printing industry - worldwide market size 2020-2026

    • Top 3D printing priorities for organizations worldwide 2021

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