Pets in the U.S. 2020

Statista Consumer Survey - Survey Data Table

For the survey "Pets 2020" Statista asked 1,030 U.S. pet owners about everything regarding the keeping pets. What pet do they have? Why and how did they get it? How much do they spent on it per month? Further topics cover pet supplies, pet food, pet health as well as the most popular brands.

The Survey Data Table for the Statista survey on "Pets 2020" contains the complete tables for the survey including various column headings.

Topics of the survey

  • Pet characteristics
  • Pet acquisition
  • Pet supply shops
  • Pet food general
  • Dog food
  • Cat food
  • Small animal food
  • Bird food
  • Fish food
  • Litter & equipment
  • Health & insurance
  • Care products
  • Media & other topics
  • Demographics & Life Values

Design of the survey
  • Method: Online Survey
  • Survey name: Statista Survey Pets 20202
  • Region: United States
  • Number of respondents: 1,040
  • Age of respondents: 18 years and older
  • Type of respondents: U.S. pet owners
  • Survey time period: June 10 to 29, 2020

Column headings
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Region
  • Community size
  • Gross household income

  • Language: English
  • Released: July 2020
More than 7,500

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