Investment behavior worldwide

Investment behavior worldwide
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Statista dossier on investment behavior worldwide

Table of contents

    • Top financial trends forecast for 2023 by asset managers and investors worldwide 2022

    • Investment goal for retail investors worldwide 2018-2022

    • Share of millennials with stock investments in the U.S. 2022

    • Gen Z and millennial investment preferences in the U.S. 2022

    • Average return expectation from investment portfolios worldwide 2017-2022

    • Performance expectations of institutional investors worldwide 2022, by sector

    • Expected influence on investment performance worldwide 2020-2022, by type of event

    • Trust level of global investors in financial services 2018-2022

    • Investors portfolio performance expectations year to date worldwide 2022

    • Asset performance vs expectations worldwide 2022

    • Stakeholders responsible for providing personal financial knowledge worldwide 2022

    • Share of investors who are personally confident in making investment decisions 2022

    • Top drivers leading investors to non-traditional media sources 2022

    • Trust in information sources among investors worldwide 2022

    • Interest in investing in new products among retail investors worldwide 2021

    • Share of investors to increase allocation to alternative investments worldwide 2022

    • Popular investments products by millennials and Gen Z In in the U.S. 2022

    • Percentage of individuals less attracted to investments due to global inflation 2022

    • Top factors leading to an increase in sustainability investment worldwide 2022

    • Top barriers of sustainable investments for retail investors globally 2022

    • Methods used to incorporate SDG into the investment process in Europe 2022

    • Top ESG impacts investors aim to make worldwide 2022

    • Leading sustainable debt products actively invested in by global investors 2022

    • Share of investors that view ESG as integral in credit analysis worldwide 2022

    • Share of investors who believe investing can lead to sustainable change 2022

    • Preference of humans vs. robo-advisors for retail investment advice worldwide 2021

    • Retail investors' preference for technology and people worldwide 2021, by country

    • Investor interest in funds that primarily uses AI worldwide 2022

    • Institutional investors perceived impact of AI on investment outcomes 2021

    • Share of retail investors that would invest in a primarily AI managed fund 2020-2022

    • Trust rating of platforms from institutional investors in selected countries 2022

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