Edge Computing

Statista DossierPlus on edge computing and the third act of the internet

Edge Computing The world is becoming increasingly connected. Newer and more numerous devices continue to appear in our daily life, helping to make our homes, offices, and cities smarter and more convenient. The Internet of Things (IoT) - a network of connected devices - formed as a result generates an enormous amount of data every day, exercising pressure on network infrastructure. For the data to always travel between end devices and centralized cloud data centers will exhaust bandwidth capacities and lead to high latency. Networking and computing capacity needs to be put closer to the locations of data generation to alleviate stress from the cloud and to ensure more efficient and intelligent ways of managing and processing data, which gives rises to edge computing.

Edge computing is the storage, processing, and analysis of data closer to end devices that are at the “edge” of the network. The proximity to users and the low latency achieved as a result are key characteristics of this emerging technology. This DossierPlus endeavors to present the topic in its multifacetedness. It explores the context and urgency that gives rise to the need for edge computing, the elements that constitute it, and the projected market size. Different chapters will bring attention to the relationship between edge computing and cloud computing, edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as edge and 5G. A final chapter on use cases will serve as a showcase for edge applications, shedding light on the real-life impact the technology could have. Enjoy reading!


  • Three acts of the internet
  • Infrastructure edge and device edge
  • Data explosion and the need for edge computing
  • Market size and ecosystem
  • Growing research interest in edge

Edge computing & cloud computing
  • Cloud market and adoption
  • Edge vs cloud
  • Edge-cloud integration
  • Azure Edge Zones
  • Edge-cloud use cases

Edge computing & AI
  • Data processing at the edge
  • Locations of data
  • Deep learning training and inference
  • Edge AI chips

Edge computing & 5G
  • The promises of 5G
  • 5G spending and adoption
  • Multi-access edge computing (MEC)
  • 5G edge use cases & ecosystem

Edge computing use cases
  • Edge adoption by industry
  • Edge infrastructure power footprint
  • Smart cities
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Mobile & cloud gaming

  • Language: English
  • Released: February 2021
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