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Statista Dossier on online payment methods in France

This dossier compiles statistical information on online payment methods in France. The dossier includes surveys on most commonly used online payment methods with a focus on new mobile solutions, like e-wallets, social media, and peer-to-peer services, as well as multi-channel payment possibilities (online and in-store). The dossier shows how widely the digital payment methods are known in the e-commerce business and how they might evolve in the future.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Number of e-money transactions in France 2009-2019

    • Digital Payments transaction value forecast in France 2020-2024, by segment

    • Amount of online transactions made with payment cards France 2008-2019

    • Domestic fraud on remote payments in France 2014-2018, by sector

  • 2. E-commerce payment methods
    • Leading payment methods used when buying online in France 2019

    • Number of e-commerce CB payments in France 2013-2018

    • General use and knowledge of payment through pre-registered bank details France 2019

    • Online payments by brand in France 2020

    • French opinion on online payment methods 2020, by type of opinion

    • French consumers degree of readiness to use e-commerce payment methods 2020

    • Utility of features regarding online payment options in France 2020

  • 3. Authentication methods
    • Customer authentication: most secure methods according to European consumers in 2019

    • Customer authentication: European user experience in 2019

    • Willingness to use future innovative payment services in France 2019

    • Authentication modes used in order to pay for online purchased goods France 2019

  • 4. Mobile payments
    • FinTech Digital Payments users in France 2020-2024, by segment

    • Use frequency of banking apps among French users 2019

    • Carrier billing transaction average value in France 2019-2020

    • Carrier billing transaction ARPPU in France 2019-2020

    • French people's opinion on mobile payment apps during the COVID-19 outbreak 2020

    • Usage frequency of mobile payment applications after lockdown in France 2020

  • 5. Peer-to-peer payments and e-wallets
    • Most popular apps for peer to peer payments in France 2018

    • Amount that most French are willing to pay via a peer-to-peer payment app 2018

    • French opinion on peer-to-peer transfer payments 2020, by type of opinion

    • French opinion on e-wallet payments 2020, by type of opinion

    • Number of active mobile wallets in France 2012-2018

    • French consumers degree of readiness to use electronic wallets 2020

    • Monthly Paypal downloads in France 2018-2020

    • Monthly Paylib downloads in France 2020

  • 6. Innovative payment methods
    • Ranking of the most utilized online checkout routes by French consumers 2019

    • French opinion on social media payments 2020, by type of opinion

    • French consumers degree of readiness to use payment through social media 2020

    • French opinion on QR code payments 2020, by type of opinion

    • French consumers degree of readiness to use QR code payments 2020

    • French opinion on crypto-currency payments 2020, by type of opinion

    • French consumers degree of readiness to pay with crypto-currencies 2020

    • Cashback program popularity in France 2019

  • 7. Multi-channel payments
    • French people's preferred payment method used in a store 2020

    • Mobile payments by brand in France 2020

    • Readiness to pay an online purchase in cash at a nearby store in France 2018

    • Public opinion on the digitalization of payment methods in France 2019

    • Public opinion on the Amazon Go service in France 2019

    • French opinion on the usage and development of digital payments for stores 2020

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