Pollution in Japan

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Statista Dossier on pollution in Japan

This dossier provides statistical information about environmental pollution in Japan. It presents key figures on the state of air pollution, marine pollution, land pollution, as well as the impact of pollution on Japanese people.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Global deaths caused by air pollution 2019, by country

    • Global cost per capita of air pollution from fossil fuels by country 2020

    • Global generation of plastic MSW by region 2018

    • Global per capita generation of municipal solid waste by select country 2018

    • Global worry about plastic waste by key country 2019

    • Daily waste volume per person Japan FY 2005-2018

    • Volume of final waste disposal Japan FY 2009-2018

  • 2. Air pollution
    • Annual greenhouse gas emissions Japan FY 2000-2018

    • Greenhouse gas emissions Japan FY 2018, by type

    • CO2 emissions Japan FY 2018, by sector

    • Population-weighted ozone pollution Japan 2010-2019

    • Deaths from air pollution Japan 2010-2019

  • 3. Marine pollution
    • Number of marine pollution cases Japan 2011-2020

    • Number of marine pollution cases Japan 2020, by sea area

    • Breakdown of marine pollution cases Japan 2020, by cause

    • Most common waste items collected from the coasts and ocean Japan 2019

    • Number of marine environmental law violations Japan 2011-2020

  • 4. Land pollution
    • Volume of waste generated Japan FY 2005-2018

    • Volume of municipal waste disposed at landfills Japan 2008-2017

    • Remaining capacity of landfill sites Japan FY 2009-2018

    • Recycling rate of waste Japan FY 2009-2018

    • Disposal volume of plastic waste Japan 2010-2019

  • 5. Impact on Japanese people
    • Opinion on littering causing marine plastic pollution Japan 2020

    • Views of young people on global warming causes Japan 2021

    • Consumers' changing habits due to global warming Japan 2019

    • Companies viewed active in global warming prevention Japan 2020

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