Internet usage in Puerto Rico

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Statista dossier about internet usage in Puerto Rico

This dossier compiles insights and statistics on internet usage in Puerto Rico. It provides a comprehensive overview regarding internet penetration rates, coverage by access technologies, internet speed, as well as general usage statistics. The report also features data on Puerto Rico's social media usage and rising e-commerce economy.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • The Caribbean: internet users 2021, by country or territory

    • U.S. households without internet subscription 2019, by state

    • Puerto Rico: internet penetration 2010-2019

    • Puerto Rico: broadband internet subscribers 2007-2019

    • Puerto Rico: number of broadband internet subscribers 2019, by connection type

    • The Caribbean: internet download speed 2019-2020, by country or territory

    • Latin America: download speed change during Covid-19 2020

  • 2. Segments
    • Puerto Rico: fixed-line broadband internet subscribers 2007-2019

    • Puerto Rico: monthly price for fixed-line broadband packages 2020

    • The Caribbean: mobile broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants 2019, by country

    • Puerto Rico: number of mobile broadband subscriptions 2011-2019

    • Puerto Rico: price for 1GB mobile data 2019-2020

    • Puerto Rico: most popular mobile providers 2020

    • Puerto Rico: change in mobile data consumption due to COVID-19, by provider

  • 3. Consumption
    • Puerto Rico: internet access 2020, by generation

    • Puerto Rico: web traffic share 2020, by device

    • Puerto Rico: main internet browsers 2020, by market share

    • Puerto Rico: web traffic share of search engines 2020

    • Most popular video streaming services in Puerto Rico 2020

    • Puerto Rico: most used online learning management platforms during COVID-19 2020

    • Puerto Rico: main online activities among businesses 2019

  • 4. Social media
    • Puerto Rico: social media visit share 2020

    • Puerto Rico: number of Facebook users 2019-2020

    • Puerto Rico: Facebook user share 2021, by age group

    • Puerto Rico: number of Instagram users 2019-2020

    • Puerto Rico: Instagram user share 2021, by age group

    • Puerto Rico: leading Puerto Rican Twitter accounts 2021

    • Puerto Rico: leading YouTube channels 2021, by number of subscribers

  • 5. E-commerce
    • Latin America: countries with the highest online shopping growth during COVID-19

    • Puerto Rico: main products bought online 2020

    • Puerto Rico: share of new online grocery shoppers 2020, by age

    • Puerto Rico: online grocery shopping frequency 2020

    • Puerto Rico: preferred online grocery shopping platforms 2020

    • Puerto Rico: most popular food delivery apps 2020

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