Television industry in Spain

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Statista Dossier on the television industry in Spain

Table of contents

    • Revenue of the traditional TV and home video market in Spain 2017-2026, by segment

    • Per user revenue of TV viewers in Spain 2017-2026, by segment

    • Number of households with a TV in Spain 2009-2018

    • Television penetration in Spain 1997-2021

    • Leading television channels in Spain 2021, by audience share

    • TV features in Spain 2022

    • Share of homes with a smart TV connected to the Internet in Spain 2013-2021

    • Share of homes with a TV set in Spain 2005-2021

    • Share of households with 3D TV in Spain 2013-2021

    • TV ownership by brand in Spain 2022

    • Drivers of TV subscription payment in Spain 2022

    • Number of pay TV subscribers in Spain, by means of transmission 2021

    • Revenue of online Pay-TV services in Spain 2005-2021, by type of service

    • Leading pay TV operators in Spain 2021, by subscribers

    • Television advertising expenditure in Spain 2016-2025

    • Free TV advertising revenue in Spain 2015-2021

    • Pay TV ad spending in Spain 2019-2021

    • Connected TV ad spend in Spain 2019-2021

    • Online TV ad spending in Spain 2016-2025

    • Revenue of the Spanish media group Atresmedia 2013-2021

    • RTVE annual revenue in Spain 2013-2020

    • Net revenue of Mediaset España in Spain 2016-2021

    • TV watching time per day in Spain 1997-2021

    • Television penetration in Spain 2021, by age

    • TV penetration by economic status in Spain 2021

    • Frequency of television usage in Spain in 2022

    • Frequency of online television usage in Spain in 2022

    • TV content preferences by genre in Spain 2022

    • Program distribution on TV channels Spain 2021, by genre

    • Most watched TV programs in Spain 2021, by average audience

    • TV viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest in Spain 2007-2022

    • Subtitled hours broadcasted by Mediaset in Spain in 2021, by content type

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