Transport infrastructure in Australia

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Statista Dossier about transport infrastructure in Australia

Table of contents

    • U.S. highway mileage 1990-2020

    • Length of roads in Japan 2011-2020

    • Railroad network of selected countries 2019

    • Length of railway lines in use in Europe in 2019, by country

    • Rail network length in China 2020, by region

    • Number of domestic aircraft movements ASEAN 2012-2020, by country

    • Length of civil aviation routes in China 1995-2020

    • National passenger travel in Australia FY 2009-2018 by transport mode

    • Road length by state Australia 2018

    • Estimated route length of open railway in Australia 2020 by gauge and state

    • Most popular domestic air travel routes Australia 2020

    • Distance travelled by road in Australia FY 2011-2020 by vehicle type

    • Urban road length by state Australia 2018

    • Non urban road length by state Australia 2018

    • Passenger vehicles on register in Australia 2021 by fuel type

    • Number of registered buses Australia 2021 by state

    • Ridesharing service users in Australia 2019, by service

    • Light rail patronage in selected cities Australia FY 2010-2019

    • Heavy rail patronage in selected cities Australia FY 2009-2018

    • Metropolitan train service punctuality Victoria Australia 2015-2018

    • Regional airports in Australia - passenger movements 2020

    • Seat availability on selected domestic air travel routes in Australia 2020

    • Scheduled and flown flights by domestic airlines in Australia 2021

    • Punctuality of domestic airlines in Australia 2021

    • Share of airline passengers carried in Australia 2019 by airline

    • Passenger share carried by airline in Australia in January 2020

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