Discrimination in France

Discrimination in France
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Statista dossier on discrimination in France

Table of contents

    • Number of racist criminal acts by target in France 2021

    • Number of anti-Semitic incidents in France 1998-2021

    • Number of committed anti-Semitic acts in France 2021, by month

    • Number of committed anti-Semitic acts in France 2021, by city

    • Breakdown of anti-Muslim incidents recorded in France 2021, by type

    • Opinion of the French on the diffusion of racism 2021, by target population

    • French people's trust in institutions to fight racism and antisemitism 2021, by type

    • Share of people considering that immigration is a chance for France 2022, by age

    • French support for the #Metoo movement 2022, by age and political proximity

    • Share of the French who consider gender equality satisfactory 2019-2022, by context

    • Stereotypes about women among the G7 countries 2021

    • Share of women on executive boards in CAC 40 and SBF 120 French companies 2010-2019

    • Share of women among local elected officials in France 2022, by type of mandate

    • Gross annual salary of long-term higher education graduates in France 2021, by gender

    • Anti-LGBT+ offenses recorded by security services in France 2016-2021

    • Distribution of reported trans-and homophobic assaults in France 2021, by victim age

    • Distribution of reported trans- and homophobic assaults in France 2021, by type

    • Breakdown of reported lesbophobic assaults in France 2019-2021, by type

    • Distribution of reported trans- and homophobic assaults in France 2021, by author

    • Negative views of the president's record on LGBT rights in France 2021, by party

    • Levers promoting LGBT+ visibility at work according to LGBT+ people in France 2022

    • French people having faced difficulties to access care 2022, by disability status

    • French people having faced difficulties to access housing 2022, by disability status

    • Perceived level of difficulty in hiring people with disabilities in France 2018-2021

    • French views on integration of children with disabilities in schools 2019-2022

    • Measures to improve education for children with disabilities in French schools 2022

    • Fear of being discriminated in one's own company among French employees 2014-2021

    • Principal fears of discrimination in companies in France 2021

    • French opinion on male privilege in communication agencies 2021, by gender and field

    • French people's priority topics for equal opportunities in companies 2020-2021

    • Share of people supporting the anonymization of applications in France 2015-2022

    • French people supporting equal pay and pensions regardless of nationality 2015-2022

    • French people supporting stronger legislation for discriminating employers 2015-2022

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