French people and restaurants

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Statista Dossier on French people and restaurants

Table of contents

    • Turnover generated by out-of-home restaurants France 2019

    • Sales of commercial restaurant chains France 2019

    • Revenue in the restaurant industry France 2020

    • Change in the revenue generated by the restaurant industry France 2020

    • Change in the restaurant industry revenue France 2020, by region

    • Turnover loss in the restaurant industry France 2020

    • Average meal ticket in restaurant establishments France 2019, by type of restaurants

    • Tourism investment in restaurants and cafes France 2018

    • Number of employees in the restaurant industry in France 2018

    • Restaurants distribution in France in 2019, by type of establishment

    • Number of establishments in the restaurant industry in France 2018

    • Restaurants offering a take-out service France 2020

    • Most visited restaurant chains in France in 2019

    • Michelin stared restaurants in France 2021, by number of stars

    • Share of French going to the restaurant at least once a month in 2019

    • Change in the restaurant visits by French during the COVID-19 pandemic 2020

    • Leading eating habits of the working population France 2019

    • Leading criteria to choose a restaurant in France 2021

    • Behavior towards restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic France 2020

    • Share of French who intend to go to bars, cafés or restaurants as of May 19, 2021

    • Leading motives for going to the restaurant France 2019

    • Leading dissatisfaction factors in restaurant France 2019

    • Main French people's companions in restaurants 2019

    • French people's desire to try local and world cuisine 2016, by age

    • French share ordering an aperitif, coffee or a digestive at the restaurant 2016

    • Proportion of French people to ask for a doggy bag at the restaurant 2015-2016

    • People in favor of digital menu and smartphone payment in restaurants France 2021

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