Food trends and dietary plans in France

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Statista Dossier on food trends and dietary plans in France

Table of contents

    • Attitudes towards food in France 2022

    • Regularly consumed groceries in France 2022

    • Purchase criteria for food in France 2022

    • Penetration rate of food brands in France 2021

    • Diets and nutrition in France 2022

    • Plant-based food ingredient market size in France 2020-2026, by plant source

    • Plant-based food ingredients market size in France 2019-2026, by category

    • Milk substitute market revenue in France 2013-2027

    • Plant-based products most consumed in France 2020

    • Opinions on plant-based proteins in France in 2020

    • Annual sales value of the organic food market in France 1999-2021

    • Organic food products sales value in France 2013-2021, by distribution channel

    • Share of the food market held by organic products in France 2009-2021

    • Breakdown of organic food purchase in France in 2021, by product category

    • Consumption frequency of organic products in France 2021, by gender

    • Motives for consuming organic food products in France 2021

    • Annual revenue of the fair trade market in France 2004-2021

    • Breakdown of fair trade food items made in France 2021, by type

    • Breakdown of fair trade foods produced internationally, sold in France 2021, by type

    • Fairtrade/Max Havelaar's yearly turnover in France 2008-2021

    • Reasons for purchasing fair trade/sustainable products in France 2021

    • Distribution of the sales value of the dietetics foods sector France 2021, by diet

    • Retail sales of fat-free snacks in France from 2016 to 2023

    • Turnover of the French halal food market 2009-2021

    • Distribution of the halal food market in France 2021, by brand

    • Types of gluten-free products consumers in France 2021

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