Eco-anxiety in France

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Statista dossier on eco-anxiety in France

Table of contents

    • Global land temperature anomalies 1880-2021

    • Global ocean temperature anomalies 1880-2021

    • Total indexed greenhouse gas emissions in France 2007-2020

    • Greenhouse gases: emissions per person in France 2005-2019

    • Total volume of carbon dioxide emitted in France 2008-2020

    • Brazil: number of wildfires in the Legal Amazon 2005-2021

    • Importance given by 55-75 year olds to environmental issues in France 2022

    • Environmental issues of most concern in France 2021

    • Opinion on the urgency to act on the issue of water pollution in France 2020

    • Citizens opinion on climate change fight in the COVID-19 crisis in France 2020

    • Share of French people concerned about air quality preservation 2021, by age group

    • Belief in the risk of a civilizational collapse in France 2019

    • Proportion of French people who believe in the collapse theory in France 2019, by age

    • Reasons for the collapse of civilization according to the French 2019

    • French opinions on the situation after the collapse of civilization 2019

    • Prospects for life after the collapse of civilization according to the French 2019

    • Support towards selected measures to fight climate change among French people 2021

    • Opinion of citizens regarding environmental issue and our lifestyles in France 2021

    • Usefulness of demonstrating for the protection of the environment in France 2020

    • Products taxation to fight climate change and reduce emissions in France 2020

    • Usefulness of developing local renewable energy for the environment in France 2020

    • Usefulness of favoring local, seasonal organic product in one's diet in France 2020

    • French people's perception of who should take action against climate change 2021

    • Actor perceived as most important regarding biodiversity preservation in France 2020

    • Actor perceived as most important regarding the air quality issue in France 2020

    • Importance of environmental issues in the presidential election in France 2021

    • Citizens' awareness of the Citizens' Climate Convention law in France 2021

    • Opinion regarding the achievement of the Paris Agreement goals in France 2020

    • Outstanding volume of the French sovereign green bond 2017-2021

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