Hochtief - Statistics & Facts

Hochtief - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and Facts about Hochtief

Hochtief is Germany’s largest and most prominent construction company, as well as the one of the largest construction company in Europe. In 2010, it came under the control of the Spanish construction group Grupo ACS: ín 2013, ACS acquired over 50 percent of the company’s shares. In 2015, Hochtief reported revenue of almost 21.1 billion euros, outperforming companies such as Sweden’s Skanska and UK-based Balfour Beatty.

The firm’s revenue originates from all over the world, primarily generating revenues from America and Australia. In the United States, Hochtief is one of the largest general construction companies under its Turner subsidiary. The CIMIC Group generates the majority of Hochtief's revenue in Australia. Despite its profitable years, Hochtief's international employment has decreased since a high of 80,912 employees in 2015.

The German construction company has been involved in high-profile projects in Germany such as the construction of Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt and New Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg. The company has also been involved in the construction of Bosporus Bridge in Turkey and various airports worldwide. Furthermore, the company is involved in green building projects all over the world: in 2015, Hochtief was involved in over 520 green building certified projects in the United States alone. Hochtief invests significantly into its research and development and also contributes to rewards for innovation in the building and infrastructure construction market.

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