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Published by Daniel Clark, Jun 15, 2018

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Data regarding public sector expenditure on services as a share of the GDP in the United Kingdom in 2015/2016, by function illustrated the British government's investment of the equivalent of 14.1 percent of GDP in social protection. A self-evident trend in the forecast government expenditure as share of the GDP shows the current British government's plans to reduce the amount of government spending in the UK by 5.3 percent of the national GDP. When adjusted for inflation, data referencing government public sector expenditure (in real terms) illustrates substantial increases during the first eleven years of the period before peaking in 2010/2011 and remaining close to stable thereafter.

Earlier reports on government spending on public order and safety show that for the first ten years of this period, funding experienced substantial increases, yet, following the 2009/2010 fiscal year, government cuts - resulting from the effect of the global financial crisis - there was a reduction in spending of 4.5 billion British pounds until 2015/2016, whereby the investment increased by approximately 600 million British pounds upon the previous year. The most heavily invested sector of public order and safety in 2015/2016 were the police services, with government financing worth 16.6 billion British pounds.

In previous years the amount of money invested in unemployment benefits by the British government experienced substantial decreases. This was perhaps also due to a knock-on effect of the financial crisis, coupled with a drop in the national unemployment rate. Government spending on disability living allowance encountered an almost two-fold growth between 2002 and 2014, before diminishing in the years thereafter, although public expenditure on incapacity, disability and injury benefits increased in recent years. The forecast disability living allowance spending is predicted to increase to 19.5 billion British pounds in 2020.

In 2015/2016, government contributions in education in the United Kingdom reveals an investment of 38.2 billion British pounds spent on secondary education, 30.1 billion on pre-primary and primary education, whereas tertiary education received 5.9 billion. In fact, all types of education have experienced a net increase in government spending over the previous years.

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