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Production of commercial vehicles in the United Kingdom had recorded an increase in 2018, with figures for January 2019 promising a continued growth for the year. There had been more commercial vehicles manufactured in January 2019 than in the same month in previous years. The majority of these vehicles were exported, at 5,168 units in the beginning of this year.

As of 2017, there were roughly 3.9 million registered light goods vehicles (LGVs) in Great Britain, with numbers having increased steadily since 2000. The most popular type of commercial vehicle was the box van, at 64,600 licensed vehicles as of 2017. Despite coming in different weight classes, 61 percent of box vans in use were below 7.5 tons in weight and could be classified as LGVs.

Regarding vehicle models, the Ford Transit was by far the most used LGV, with figures nearly four times as high as those for the next entry. As of the third quarter of 2018, the amount of cumulative licenses reached 933,202 units, with figures having grown consecutively since 2000.

Ford also proved to be the most popular LGV brand by number of vehicles sold. In 2018, new registrations amounted to 128,093 units, with VW coming second with 42,227 units.
In the past six years, the average speed of LGVs on roads in Great Britain was 69 miles per hour.

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