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Minority religions in Spain - statistics & facts

Due to historical reasons, Spain used to be a much more diverse country in the 15th century than it probably is today, but globalization, immigration, and opening up to other cultures and viewpoints are gradually broadening the Spanish spiritual demography, which was for many years traditionally and primarily Catholic. And only traditionally, because according to the latest surveys, Spain’s population is considerably shifting to more relaxed spiritual views – almost 40 percent of Spaniards identified as non-religious, whereas about 32 percent stated they believed in their faith in a laxer way and only 22 percent confirmed being highly religious. Spanish Catholics do not find religious values very relevant and they tend to skip Mass more often than not.
This scenario, however, looks completely different with it comes to other forms of faith. As of 2021, approximately 3 percent of the population in Spain stated being believers of a religion other than Catholicism, with Protestant doctrines having the highest prevalence in the country. As a matter of fact, the Protestant movement of Evangelicalism accounts for over 55 percent of all places of worship other than the Catholic Church across the country, that is, approximately 4,300 thousand Evangelical churches.

Islam as a minority religion in Spain

Many of those affiliated with a Protestant doctrine were not necessarily born in Spain, but they are not the largest foreign-born religious group in the Mediterranean country. With almost all of its devotees born in a different country, the Islamic community in Spain mostly originated abroad, as revealed by recent reports. Spain and Islam have a very long history, and approximately two million Muslims have made this country their home. Excluding Spaniards, the largest Muslim group in the country is that of Moroccans, with 865,000 thousand devotees as of 2020. The autonomous communities of Catalonia and Andalusia were home to almost one million, making them the Spanish regions with the largest Muslim population.

Religion is still a source of social problems

Despite the emergence of religious diversity, Spain is still far from living in full harmony. Prejudices against religious beliefs still incite many to assault or abuse believers of other faiths, with records revealing a peak number of 103 registered hate crimes of this type in 2017. In 2020, bias crime triggered by religious motivation was the fifth most common form of discrimination penalized by law in Spain, and only under 56 percent of all cases were completely cleared up.

Interesting statistics

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