Statista Webinars

Take a dive into data that matters

Get to know our platform and diverse data

The Universe of Data

Our data universe offers access to market data already embedded in a global context. This allows you to make quick, comprehensible, reliable, and versatile business decisions.

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Our times in data: relevant topics illustrated

Data on Stage

As a global business data platform, putting numbers into context is our passion. Motivating us to ask our experts to take the stage to give you fascinating insights into current themes and trends. Always front and center: data that matters.

The webinar series is for all those interested in connecting current topics with captivating data.

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Understand what drives consumers

Global Consumer Survey

The Statista Global Consumer Survey explores patterns of consumption and media use among the world's consumers, covering both online and offline activities.

The webinar is aimed at advertisers, planners, and product managers who are looking to better understand consumer behavior and consumer interactions with brands.

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Comparing and analyzing e-commerce trends and markets with ease

E-commerce Database

Our ecommerceDB offers insights into 22,000 online shops in 50 countries for 20 categories. Providing detailed revenue as well as competitor analyses, revealing market trends and additional KPIs, such as marketing budgets, traffic, payment options, and shipping options.

The webinar is relevant for everyone interested in extensive insights into the e-commerce sector. Enabling you to analyze online stores and compare markets based on analyst opinions.

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