Statista’s Content Marketing & Infographics Service

Storytelling – Research – Surveys – Advertising – Powerpoint Design – Infographics Design – Distribution

Infographics and presentations created by experts

Our infographics tell a visual story and convey your information in a nutshell. For online, for print, and in your corporate design.

Content curation & editorial storytelling

Our analysts screen the crucial facts and display the content in a way essential for great infographics and presentations.

Data research and surveys

We research relevant information for your targets and target groups and conduct surveys and data, for example using questionnaires.

Leading companies use the Statista Content & Infographics Service

Content Marketing & Corporate Publishing


  • All
  • Single charts
  • XXL infographics
  • Special projects

From the idea to visualization

The process


You deliver the task and the goal. We develop content and visualizations for your content marketing campaigns.


Benefit from our expertise in researching and conducting surveys and information.


We are experts in creating static, animated, and interactive infographics, info videos, page layouts and Powerpoint presentations.


Use the Statista portal and our newsletters to connect with communities from the media and economic sectors.


Single charts

  • ideal for press & social media
  • 1 chapter, up to 5 data points
  • incl. research & storytelling

Best seller

XXL infographics

  • ideal for website & mobile
  • can be split into 3 to 5 chapters
  • incl. research & storytelling

Special projects

  • PowerPoint design & animation
  • print layouts & production
  • videos and interactive graphics

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